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Don’t Just Read About It – Experience It!

Day 1 and 2 Pittsburgh


Arrive at the airport in Pittsburgh and be driven to your hotel.  On that first night we will have a meet and greet where you will have the opportunity to meet your guide(s) as well as other participants of the trip.  The next morning we will drive to Fort Necessity where we will see the spot where George Washington stepped – disastrously – onto the world stage.  From there, it is on to Philadelphia.

Day 3, Philadelphia

Although George Washington was born in Virginia, it was in Philadelphia where he became the leader of the country. We will follow Washington’s steps through the streets of Philadelphia and visit the place where he lived as well as numerous other tremendous historical sites that played a large role in Washington’s life. Included in this tour is entrance into Independence Hall, Graff House, the President’s House, Washington Square Park, the 2nd National Bank Portrait Studio, and Christ Church, where you may sit where Washington sat.

After enjoying the opportunity to visit Philadelphia on your own, take part in our nighttime tour, “Sex and the First City,” where you will hear the delicious personal tidbits about, not only George Washington (and Sally Fairfax), but Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, and others.  After this tour you will never view the Founding Fathers and Mothers in quite the same light!

 Day 4 – Philadelphia Area

Washington’s Crossing, Battle of Trenton, Princeton
In the winter of 1776, the fate of Washington and his army looked bleak. Washington’s army had suffered defeat after defeat, and looked forward to December 31st as the day they could leave the army and go home. With his back against the wall, Washington took a wild gamble that transformed not only the war, but how Americans would perceive him from that day onward.

You may enjoy dinner at the beautiful and historic Washington Crossing Tavern.

 Day 5 – Philadelphia Area

Brandywine Battlefield, Germantown
England has left New York City in order to invade Philadelphia. Washington’s only hope of stopping them lies in the battle of Brandywine. Defeated by an army with larger numbers, Washington takes them on again at Germantown to show that, while the Americans may be beaten and injured, they had not given up!

Enjoy dinner on your own in the Philadelphia area.

Day 6 – Philadelphia Area

Valley Forge/Monmouth Battlefield
Valley Forge is the place where Washington turns his group of tired and sickly rabble into an army. Hear the stories of the Baron who was not really a baron, but who was able to install pride and discipline into the men anyway. Facing criticism and several internal adversaries vying for his job, Washington outmaneuvers them politically, and then, on the battlefield of Monmouth, has what one historian called “one of his finest hours.”

We will dine at the City Tavern, where Washington often dined.

 Day 7 – Northern Neck, Virginia

Washington’s Birthplace
George Washington was born in the beautiful land of Northern Neck, Virginia. See the spot where he lived, and wander the beautiful area which still has with livestock.

Day 8 – Mount Vernon, Virginia

Mount Vernon
To truly understand George Washington, you must visit the place he loved beyond all others. This trip includes a visit to the Education Center and a tour of the mansion.  You may dine at the Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant.

Day 9 – Williamsburg, Virginia

The Battle of Yorktown, Williamsburg
We will visit the battle that ended the Revolutionary War and spend the day and evening at the lovely Williamsburg, Virginia, finishing things off at the famous Raleigh Tavern.

Day 10 – Washington Memorial

On our way back to “reality” we will stop off at the Washington Memorial, to pay one last tribute to our Indispensable Founding Father before taking you to Dulles Airport.

Enrollment Fee – $3,450.00 (Ask about our group rates)

Includes the book written by Joseph Ellis, “His Excellency, George Washington.”

What is included in the tour price? – Hotel Accommodation, airport transfers on the first and last days of the tour, travel to each of the sites, inclusion into each of the sites and tours of each of the sites.  We do not include the dinners, as we have found that our patrons would rather be permitted to choose their own meals  and beverages without being limited by group dining options.

Group Rates – Contact us for our Group Rates or if you are willing to share your hotel space with another.

As part of this tour we shall discuss – Washington the Young Man; Washington as a military man; The Religion of George Washington; Washington and Slavery; Washington as a Federalist; Washington as President.

Contact us at 610-642-2410 if you have any questions or if you would like to book this tour!