About the Show

History is people, dates and stories, but the link between our past and present are the places where it all unfolded.  Join historian and author David Cross as he takes you back in time to the locations that shaped our nation and find out how the events of the past shaped our present, and continue to shape our future!

Chasing American History offers a combination of video segments, podcasts, and articles that cover the most fascinating chapters of our history, from colonial times to the current day.  We offer several group tours each year to historical locations around the country, classroom visits for schools and universities, and private speaking engagements for corporate events.

They’re not the same old dry stories about history that we may all remember.  Creator and host David Cross brings an energy and enthusiasm that makes this show stand out.  We get a chance to see famous men and women from history in a completely different light, not as figures from a dusty old textbook but as real people that we can relate to, people that act and think a lot like we do.

These are people that we’d recognize walking down the street today, and we’re walking right down those same streets with them.

Barry Conners, Independence Educational Media Group.

Chasing American History is written and produced in Philadelphia, PA and independently distributed through YouTube and Libsyn.

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