The Ultimate Civil War Tour



The War Between the States is the most important event in American history, and it continues to define us as a nation.  Join Chasing American History as we explore this seminal period by looking at the battles as well as the people who planned and fought them.  This was not simply a war about trenches, cannon fire, bullets, feints, and charges, but a clash between contradicting ideals and perceived duties.  As we visit the sites of the major events of the conflict we will discuss the legacies of giant figures such as Robert E. Lee, Ulysses Grant, Stonewall Jackson, Jefferson Davis, and Abraham Lincoln.  Only Chasing American History will take you into both the files of battle, and the minds of its participants.

Day One– You will arrive at the Ronald Reagan Airport and be transported to your hotel for a chance to get acquainted over a welcome drink.

Day Two– We will visit Manassas/Bull Run and discuss the first major battle of the war.  Travel to Antietam.  (Thomas Shepherd Inn)

Day Three– We will visit Antietam and explore the battlefield where Robert E. Lee first tried to take his army toward northern soil.  Topics will include the differing strategies between Robert E. Lee and George McClellan and why, despite McClellan’s victory in Antietam, Abraham Lincoln fired him soon after.  Travel to Gettysburg  (Note – more on Antietam, bloodiest field of the war).

Day Four and Five  – We will spend two days discussing the fascinating and transformative battle of Gettysburg as well as the Gettysburg Address and how it transformed the manner in which much of the country viewed (and continue to view) the war.  We will travel to Fredericksburg at the end of Day Five.

Day Six– We will spend the day exploring the Battle of Fredericksburg and how Robert E. Lee was able to defeat General Burnside.  We will travel to Chancellorsville at the end of the day.

Day Seven – At Chancellorsville we will discuss the Battle fought there, and why this Southern Victory was celebrated by the mass of southerners while it was bemoaned by its General, Robert E. Lee.  We will discuss Stonewall Jackson, his life and, at Chancellorsville, his death.

We will travel to Richmond.

Day Eight – We will visit the Battle of The Crater in Petersburg, and discuss Ulysses Grant and this, his most difficult loss in the war.  We will also visit Richmond, which was the Confederate Capital.  We will visit the Civil War Museum in Richmond.  Travel to Appomattox

Day Nine– We will visit Appomattox  and discuss the seminal moment in which Robert E. Lee conceded to Ulysses Grant.  We will then travel to Lexington, Virginia.  In Lexington, we will discuss the legacies of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.  We will visit Lee Chapel, and see his final office, as well as his (and Traveller’s) last resting places.  We shall also visit Stonewall Jackson’s grave site, and see Virginia Military Institute, where Jackson taught, and where his (stuffed) horse, Little Sorrel, continues to reside.

Day Tem -In Washington D.C.  we will visit Ford’s Theater and then the house where Abraham Lincoln died.  We will discuss the conflicting legacies of Robert E. Lee and Abraham Lincoln prior to transporting you to the Ronald Reagan Airport.


9 nights’ accommodation at 4-star hotels

9 breakfasts

Airport Transfers on first and last day of tour.

Expert Guiding

24/7 Tour manager.

All museum and battlefield admissions.

All taxes and credit card fees.


A note about meals – Most meals are included, although you may have to pay extra for drinks.  You are also afforded some nights to explore the area on your own.


$6,499.00. PER TICKET.

Ask us about group rates, or about discounts for those who wish to share a room.


We keep our groups small to insure ultimate impact.


At Chasing American History, we are serious about history.