The Thomas Jefferson Tour (April 10 – April 15, 2018)

Day One – Philadelphia

After arriving at the Philadelphia Airport and being taken to your lodgings, we will have a meet and greet at the City Tavern, one of Thomas Jefferson’s favorite haunts, and enjoy a “Thomas Jefferson Beer” (or another drink) and dinner on us.  There you will have the opportunity to meet the guide(s) as well as your fellow participants.  On the first day of the tour – which will be the following morning – we will visit Thomas Jefferson’s second favorite city, (after Paris) and walk along the steps he walked.  We will visit the place where Jefferson penned the Declaration of Independence, as well as the room where he listened as it was debated, and ultimately signed.  We will see the sights regarding the legendary characters Jefferson dealt with in Philadelphia, including his friend – and then enemy – and then friend, John Adams, as well as President George Washington, Congressman James Madison, and, of course, Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton.

After some time off so that you can visit Philadelphia on your own, take part in our nighttime tour, “Sex and the First City,” where you will hear the delicious personal tidbits about, not only Thomas Jefferson, but George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin and others.  After this tour, you will never view the Founding Fathers and Mothers in quite the same light!

 Day Two – Natural Bridge, Virginia

You will be transported to the place that Jefferson thought was the most beautiful one in America.  Jefferson was so struck with Natural Bridge, Virginia, that he purchased the land in order to protect it from being exploited commercially.  We will spend the day walking along the trails and observing the natural wonder that Jefferson loved so well.  We will enjoy dinner together at the Colonial Dining Room on us.



Day Three – Poplar Forest and Williamsburg, Virginia

When Thomas Jefferson felt besieged by visitors, he retreated to his second home, Poplar Forest, Virginia.  After visiting this, we will see the town that transformed Jefferson from a boy to a man.  We will visit the Governor’s Palace, where Jefferson listened to hours of political and philosophical conversation.  After dining on your own, you will want to meet up with us at Raleigh’s Tavern, where Jefferson had many fortunate – and at least one very unfortunate – experiences.

 Day Four – Montpelier and Charlottesville, Virginia

On this tremendous day, we will visit the homes of the greatest partners in American History, Jefferson and James Madison.  After visiting the home of the Founder of the Constitution, we shall visit Monticello, one of the great sights of this country, and the home of Thomas Jefferson.   This is more than just the house where Jefferson lived – this is the manifestation of the greatest flights of his imagination.  Jefferson was told, you can’t build a house on the top of a mountain!  He answered – wanna bet?  You will never forget this incredible house.   You will never forget this place

After dining on your own we will meet for our final nighttime get together at the Continental Divide, where you just might meet a very special guest.

Day 5 – Jefferson Memorial and Dulles Airport

On our way back to our homes and our “regular lives” we must stop to visit Jefferson one last time at the world-famous Jefferson Memorial.


Enrollment Fee – $2,310.00  (Includes Lodging, Several meals at historical restaurants, and tickets to each of the Sites).

Includes lodging at four star hotels as well as admission to dozens of sights, including the Graff House, Independence Hall, the 2nd National Bank, Natural Bridge, the Governor’s Mansion, Montpelior, Natural Bridge, the President’s House, and Monticello.  We will dine at City Tavern and Raleigh Tavern, two of Jefferson’s favorite eating places.  Included also is the 5 CD set of lectures given by your Guide, David Cross, to listen to before or during the trip, as well as a copy of Joseph J. Ellis’ book, “American Sphinx:  The Character of Thomas Jefferson” to enjoy prior to the tour.

We will discuss all aspects of Thomas Jefferson, from his time as a student and a lawyer, his authorship of the Declaration of Independence and his presidency, to his relationships with his wife, Matha Wayles, and his dalliance with Maria Cosway, as well as his relationship with Sally Hemmings.  We will also investigate not only his stated beliefs about slavery, but his actions as well.   This is a journey about an endlessly fascinating man that you will never forget!


Please contact us at 610-642-2410 if you have any questions or would like to book your tour!